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Reroofing your Miami home? It might be high time for you to seriously consider getting a roofing material that will provide optimum insulation for your home.

When it comes to providing optimum insulation to your home, slate roof shingles are, perhaps, the best choice. Stop heavy use of the air conditioner and heating system during summer and winter with slate roof shingles and lower the cost of your electricity.

Durability is a top concern when a homeowner buys a roofing material.

Because of its very low water absorption index (0.4 %), slate is a top rate roofing material. Damage due to extreme frost and breakage caused by freezing temperatures are problems that ordinary roof shingles encounter. Because of its low water absorption index, slate roofing shingles would not suffer from the either frost damage or breakage due to cold weather. Most Miami roofing shingles are also damaged by strong winds and sudden hailstorms. You do not have to worry about those with slate roof shingles. If there is a roofing material that is nearly invincible from the elements, then that would be singles made from slate.

With the unique texture, any Miami home with a slate roof will be an attention-grabber.

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